Introducing the new HiveKeepers online portal

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The HiveKeepers Online Portal has been twelve months in the making and is finally about to be released to the users of the HiveKeepers App. The original intent of the online portal was to make looking at your information easier and give you a better understanding of what was happening in your apiary. It was also to provide a platform to launch other projects that HiveKeepers is involved with.

To help give an understanding of what the HiveKeepers Online Portal will do we have put together answers to some common questions that we received at a beekeeping conference last month. Take a look!

What is it?

An online place to find all the information that you’ve collected from the HiveKeepers App. It is more comprehensive and easier to navigate. It will allow the beekeeper to have a better understanding of what they are up to with their bees.

How do I access it?

The online portal will be accessible from any browser on a computer or smart device. Currently users can login to their profile at which has limited account info. When the new platform goes live it will be here that you log in to see the new online portal.  It might take some getting used to but it will be worth the effort.

How is it different to the HiveKeepers App?

In content it is not that different but the information is more accessible.  This data will be easier to navigate and more visually pleasing within the online portal. You can still create new apiaries and hives etc and you will be able to create new, edit and delete inspections.

It does give you some extra reporting options and now includes:

  • Most neglected hives report
  • Hive strength report
  • Harvest reports
  • Last inspected report

We have had requests for users to be able to export the inspections out if the HiveKeepers database in a PDF format. This can be done with the online portal.

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When will it be released?

Within the first week of July 2018.  We have nearly finished testing the online portal and it looks to be relatively bug free which is why we are confident it is ready to be released. In the first few months we hope users evaluate and get back to us with any issues they may find.



We are really pleased with what we will have for you when the HiveKeepers online portal is released in the next few weeks. If you need a smart way to keep track of your bees then HiveKeepers is it. We look forward to your feedback and hope you find it useful, productive and better for your bees!

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  • Robert Purser

    I do not see the portal yet. ETA?

    • Simon Mildren

      Hi Rob

      The online portal is imminent. We’ll be in touch with users as soon as it is released. Looking forward to show you.


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